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  • Collins Gem Portuguese Dictionary


    Collins Dictionaries

    Published:        Feb 2013

    Publisher:        Harper Collins Publishers

    ISBN:                9780007485512

    Format:            Paperback | 672 pages

    Dimensions:      80 x 110 x 40mm | 180g

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  • Collins Portuguese Phrasebook


    Published:      Mar 2007

    Publisher:       HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN:               9780007246731

    Format:           Paperback  

    Dimensions:   256pp  h117mm  x  w82mm  x s14mm  107g  illustrations  Contains Paperback

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  • Colloquial Portuguese The Complete Course for Beginners


    Barbara McIntyre, Barbara Mcintyre and João Sampaio

    Published:  Aug 2015

    Publisher:  Routledge

    ISBN:  9781138960114


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  • Easy Portuguese Photo Phrase Book CD Pack


    Published:       Apr 2006

    Publisher:       HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN:                9780007208340

    Format:            Mixed media product

    Dimensions:    h193mm  x  w114mm  312g  Contains Paperback and CD-Audio (Performance – spoken word)  70mins

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  • Elisabeth Smith’s Last-minute Portuguese


    Elisabeth Smith

    Published:         Apr 2010

    Publisher:         Teach Yourself Books

    ISBN:                 9781444100617

    Format:             CD-Audio  (Performance – spoken word) 

    Dimensions:     h191mm  x  w134mm  x s12mm  120g  75mins

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  • iSpeak Portuguese Phrasebook: Audio + Visual Phrasebook for Your iPod


    Alex Chapin

    Published:       Jul 2007

    Publisher:        McGraw-Hill Contemporary

    ISBN:                9780071492898

    Format:            Mixed media product

    Dimensions:   64pp  h190mm  x  w137mm  x s14mm  137g  Contains Paperback and CD-Audio  MP3 CD + Guide 

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  • Little Pim 3-Pack Box Set (Vol. I) : Portuguese


    Julia Pimsleur Levine

    Published:        Aug 2013

    Publisher:        Little Pim Company

    ISBN:                9781935643302

    Format:            Hardback


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  • Little Pim Flashcards (Vol. I) : Portuguese


    Julia Pimsleur Levine

    Published:        Jul 2013

    Publisher:        Little Pim Company

    ISBN:                9781935643579

    Format:            Hardcover

    Dimensions:    96.52x 144.78x 27.94mm| 2, 222.59g

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  • Portuguese Phrase Book & Dictionary


    Published:       Feb 1998

    Publisher:        Berlitz Publishing

    ISBN:                9782831562438

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    224pp  h144mm  x  w104mm  x s12mm  120g  maps

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  • Portuguese Phrasebook


    Robert Landon

    Published:       Mar 2006

    Publisher:        Lonely Planet Publications

    ISBN:                9781740592130

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    256pp  h140mm  x  w92mm  x s12mm  123g  Illustrations (some col.), col. maps

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  • Talk Portuguese Book & CD Pack

    Cristina Mendes-Llewellyn
    Published:  February 2015

    Publisher:  BBC Active

    ISBN: 9781406680201

    Format:  Mixed Media

    Dimensions: 1 Book, 144 Pages; 2 Audio CDs, 120 Minutes

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  • Universal Dictionary Portuguese


    Publisher:        Langenscheidt

    ISBN:                9780887291647

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    h107mm  x  w75mm  x s17mm  100g

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