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  • Collins Polish Phrasebook and CD Pack


    Published:      May 2007

    Publisher:      HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN:               9780007247028

    Format:          Mixed media product  Contains Paperback and CD-Audio (Audiobook) 

    Dimensions:   256pp  h141mm  x  w160mm  x s26mm  210g  illustrations

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  • Mastering Polish with 2 Audio CDs


    Albert Juszczak

    Publisher:   Hippocrene Books

    Published:  Feb 2005

    ISBN:            9780781810654

    Format:        Mixed Media

    Pages:            320

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  • Polish Phrasebook


    Piotr Czajkowski

    Published:      Mar 2007

    Publisher:      Lonely Planet Publications

    ISBN:              9781741041415

    Format:          Paperback 

    Dimensions:  256pp  h140mm  x  w92mm  x s12mm  123g  col. Illustrations

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  • Universal Dictionary Polish


    Published:      Jan 1999

    Publisher:      Langenscheidt

    ISBN:              9780887290152

    Format:          Paperback  Vinyl  

    Dimensions:  700pp  h105mm  x  w75mm  x s21mm  120g

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Showing all 4 results