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  • Biblical Hebrew


    Roland Kenneth Harrison

    Published:         Oct 1992

    Publisher:         Teach Yourself Books

    ISBN:                 9780340588338

    Format:             Paperback 

    Dimensions:    B-format paperback  220pp  h198mm  x  w130mm  x s15mm  244g

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  • Hebrew Berlitz Phrase Book and Dictionary


    Published:       Jun 2003

    Publisher:       Berlitz Publishing

    ISBN:               9789812463340

    Format:           Paperback  

    Dimensions:   224pp  h145mm  x  w105mm  127g  illustrations, maps

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  • Hebrew Phrasebook 2


    Klara Ilana Wistinetzki , Justin Ben-Adam

    Published:       Mar 2007

    Publisher:        Lonely Planet Publications

    ISBN:                9781740590792

    Format:            Paperback 

    Dimensions:   272pp  h140mm  x  w92mm  x s13mm  132g  col. Illustrations, col. maps

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  • Little Pim 3-Pack Box Set (Vol. I) : Hebrew


    Julia Pimsleur Levine

    Published:        Feb 2009

    Publisher:        Little Pim Company

    ISBN:                9781935515234

    Format:            DVD Video

    Dimensions:    137.6 x 180.3 x 14.8mm | 83.16g

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  • Teach Me Everyday Hebrew Vol 1


    Written by Judy Mahoney, Illustrated by Patrick Girouard

    Publisher:  Teach Me Tapes

    ISBN:          9781599721057

    Format:      Hardcover (with CD)

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  • The Art of Language


    Zora O’Neill

    Publisher:  Lonely Planet

    ISBN:          9781788683043

    Format:      Paperback

    Pages:         128

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Showing all 6 results