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  • Easy Greek Photo Phrase Book CD Pack


    Published:      Apr 2006

    Publisher:      HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN:              9780007208715

    Format:          Mixed media product

    Dimensions:  h193mm  x  w114mm  321g  Contains Paperback and CD-Audio  70mins 

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  • Greek Phrasebook


    Thanasis Spilias

    Published:       Mar 2010

    Publisher:        Lonely Planet Publications

    ISBN:                9781741047080

    Format:            Paperback 

    Dimensions:   256pp  h140mm  x  w92mm  x s14mm  141g  Illustrations (chiefly col.), col. map

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  • Greek Phrasebook Teach Yourself


    Niki Watts

    Published:       Nov 2004

    Publisher:        Teach Yourself Books

    ISBN:                9780340858172

    Format:            Paperback 

    Dimensions:    192pp  h146mm  x  w103mm  x s9mm  125g

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  • Talk Greek Book & CD Pack

    Alison Kakoura, Karen Rich
    Published:  February 2015

    Publisher:  BBC Active

    ISBN: 9781406680188

    Format:  Mixed Media

    Dimensions: 1 Book, 144 Pages; 2 Audio CDs, 120 Minutes

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  • The Pocket Oxford Classical Greek Dictionary


    James Morwood and John Taylor

    ISBN: 9780198605126

    Published: Dec 2002

    Publisher: Oxford  University Press UK

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