South Pacific Phrasebook


Hadrien Dhront

Published:       Jul 2008

Publisher:        Lonely Planet Publications

ISBN:                9781741041668

Format:            Paperback  

Dimensions:    320pp  h140mm  x  w92mm  x s15mm  159g  11 maps

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Full of cultural tips and hints on local protocol, the South Pacific phrasebook will help you through situations ranging from visiting a New Zealand “marae” or enjoying one of Tonga’s “Heilala” celebrations, to joining in a Samoan “kava” ceremony or checking out a Hawaiian “hula” competition. Open up communication with local greetings and conversation starters, and discover the culture through traditional dance, legend and song. Our phrasebooks give you a comprehensive mix of practical and social words and phrases in more than 120 languages. Chat with the locals and discover their culture – a guaranteed way to enrich your travel experience.