Hindi, Urdu and Bengali Phrasebook


Richard Delacy

Published:       Sep 2005

Publisher:        Lonely Planet Publications

ISBN:                9781740591492

Format:            Paperback 

Dimensions:   304pp  h140mm  x  w93mm  x s13mm  148g  maps

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Comprehensive food section, etiquette & cultural tips easy-to-use pronunciation guide sections include phrases for finding accommodation & for hitting the town useful suggestions for health needs & emergencies extensive two-way dictionary & user-friendly sentence builder Bangladesh is thought to have the worlds longest beach a 120km stretch of uninterrupted sand 70 per cent of the country is underwater during normal monsoonal flooding each year India has over 800 daily newspapers many thousands of weekly and other newspapers and periodicals India has more languages than any other country – fifteen main languages and hundreds of other languages and dialects. Hindu marriages are arranged by families or by advertisements in newspapers