Read On – Literature Resources for Diverse Learning – Book 1


Anne Vize

Published:        2014

Publisher:        Phoenix Education

ISBN:                9781921586767

Format:            Book

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‘Read on – literature resources for diverse learning in Australian schools’ is a positive, practical and engaging set of books which meet the modern teaching needs of English and generalist class teachers. The books link closely with the Literature strand of the Australian curriculum and can be used to meet many of the outcomes at Year 7-9 level.  Book 1 is pitched at years 7—8, Book 2 at years 8—9. They are also highly suitable for students who may be achieving outcomes through general capabilities for Literacy.  This might include students who:

  • have an intellectual disability
  • are learning English as an additional language
  • have diverse learning needs
  • have an autism spectrum disorder
  • are at risk of academic failure

The books contain easy to read and teach examples of many of the content requirements of the English Literature curriculum including poetry

  • fiction
  • non-fiction
  • multi modal texts
  • visual literacy
  • biographies
  • everyday literacy
  • life skills literacy

The Australian Curriculum reminds teachers of the need to include the works of Australian authors in their English teaching and to consider how content relates to sustainability, Asia and relationship with Asia, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. The ‘Read on’ books make it possible to provide this content at an easily accessible level which encourages a wide range of students to participate fully in all aspects of the English curriculum.


Support for students

What can get in the way of successful reading?

Guide to reading levels

Achieving meaningful learning outcomes

Non fiction and multimodal texts  

Ta Moko – the art of Maori tattooing

Swinging through the tree tops

Surfing the waves – Llayne Beachley

On your bike – Casey Stoner

Stonehenge – an ancient mystery

Paddling the Todd River

Meeting Zac – up close and personal with a crocodile

Don’t get scammed with your mobile!

Dancing on the tips of your toes

The unknown soldier

Stop the toad in its tracks

Australian native animals

Cyclone Tracy

Fiction, drama and poetry  

The secret

My Work Experience diary

Tiddalik the frog – the flood-maker

We can save our planet

Tanka Poetry

Losing it

Street art

The breakfast club

The rescue

Old Boots

Shoot out

Sunset fishing

A Time to Dream

Everyday writing

Banana smoothie

Beach’s fish and chips

The perfect vegetable soup

The job pages

Shopping list

Our home

It’s a party!

Planning a holiday

The Music Store – Second hand items for sale

Staying safe near water

Belmont to city trains