Speak Like a Thai Volume 2


Benjawan Poomsan Becker

Publisher:        Paiboon Publishing

Published:       2007

ISBN:                9781887521734

Format:            Audio CD & Booklet

Dimensions:    80 pages

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Speak like a Thai – Volume 2: This booklet is the best collection of Thai slang words you will ever find. The accompanying CD will help you learn and remember the words and phrases quickly. It’s a handy and useful program for Thai learners of all levels. 250 entries are recorded on the CD and explained in the booklet with a brief translation, a literal translation and used in a sample phrase or sentence. Hundreds of bonus words that are not recorded are words that you can use with close friends only. Like other languages, many Thai slang words and idioms are used for body parts and sexual expressions. You will love and enjoy this language program.