One-day French – The DVD


Elisabeth Smith

Published:         May 2006

Publisher:         Teach Yourself Books

ISBN:                 9780340925386

Format:             DVD  

Dimensions:    120mins   

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One-Day French – the DVD is the latest way to pick up all the French you’ll need to get the most out of your holiday or business trip. Join Andy as he learns French from a fellow passenger on his flight out to Nice, and see him putting it into use when he arrives, sometimes with hilarious consequences. Then, meet Elisabeth Smith, the UK’s best-selling language author, as she shares her language-learning secrets. This one-day course is specifically written for the holiday maker for whom a short holiday does not justify a complete language course. It teaches only basic, core words, as few as the holiday maker can get away with, and a few useful phrases, which will be supported by body language – no pronunciation guide, no grammar summary. The course is fast and light-hearted and reflects the anticipation and excitement of going on holiday.