Obento Supreme Student Book


Anne Fisher, Ayako Fukunaga, Kyoko Kusumoto, Jacqueline Brown

Published:        Jul 2013

Publisher:        Cengage Learning Australia

ISBN:                9780170198271

Format:            Paperback

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The new editions of the Obento series have been updated in response to teachers’ feedback and changing emphases in the curriculum and technology. Now supported by a suite of digital resources, including the NelsonNetBook, the best loved features have been continued, with rich video and audio resources and an emphasis on intercultural understanding and language learning. Obento is a fully integrated course in three stages, written specifically for secondary students learning Japanese. Obento Supreme is the second level of this highly popular series. The intercultural understanding general capability and intercultural language learning (IcLL ) components of The Australian Curriculum: Languages has not only been interwoven throughout the series, but also appears in the Nihonbunka and Daihakken sections of the Student Book. These sections feature important and interesting information and stimulus material on Japanese culture, provide strategies to explore these points further via class discussion or homework investigations, and ultimately provide a rich understanding of how languages and cultures influence each other, and how to relate to other languages and cultures. The Obento Supreme website, at www.nelsonlanguages.com.au offers a comprehensive suite of engaging digital resources for students. The series also includes a range of components including a workbook (with audio CD/DVD), an online/offline NelsonNetBook, audio pack and teacher’s edition, available to purchase separately. *Complimentary access to NelsonNet is available to teachers who use the accompanying student book and workbook as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your education consultant for access codes and conditions.