Lao-English English-Lao Dictionary


Benjawan Poomsan Becker

Publisher:         Paiboon Publishing

ISBN:                 9781887521277

Format:             Paperback  

Dimensions:    10.4cm x 14.2cm, 780 pages

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Lao-English English-Lao Dictionary: Designed to help English speakers communicate in Lao. You will find this practical dictionary helpful both in Laos and in Northeast Thailand. You can use it without having to learn the Lao alphabet. However, there is a comprehensive introduction to the Lao writing system and pronunciation.

  • Comprehensive pronunciation guide
  • Lao alphabet guide included
  • Contains English, Phonetic and Lao
  • 3 Easy to use sections

Did you know? Most Lao-English dictionaries either use Lao script for the Lao entries (making them difficult for westerners to use) or use only phonetic transliteration (making it impossible to look up a word in Lao script). This dictionary solves these problems by dividing the entries into three sections.