Contact! 2 Tekstboek + Audio CDs


Publisher:  Intertaal

ISBN:  9789460301377

Format:  Mixed Media

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Contact! 2 textbook (with two audio CDs with listening material) consists of twelve chapters. The chapters are all made ??up of three parts (A, B and C). Each covering a sub-theme of the main theme. The themes are closely linked to the perception of the novice student. Each chapter begins with an introduction page. On this page is the title of the chapter, the themes and features. In addition, photographs introduce the theme of the chapter.

In the textbook there are exercises for all abilities. There is much attention to fluency. To promote communication, students work in pairs, small groups or with the whole group, role plays, conversation and games. There is plenty of variety in teaching methods and types of exercises so that students retain interest.

In the classroom lessons will be working a lot with the textbook. The following elements accompany each chapter of the textbook: Notes, expressions, pronunciation, grammar and idiom overview, can-do statements. The textbook contains three annexes: the transcripts of the listening texts from the textbook, the grammar survey, which covered grammar topic is ranked, and a list of irregular verbs.

Contact! was developed in collaboration with a team of highly experienced NT2 staff at Radboud in’to Languages, the expertise of the Radboud University Nijmegen.