French in 30 Days + CD


Published:         May 2008

Publisher:         Berlitz Publishing Company

ISBN:                 9789812682192

Format:             Mixed media product  

Dimensions:    Paperback  288pp  h181mm  x  w134mm  x s27mm  448g  Contains CD-Audio and Paperback  Clamshell  60mins

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Berlitz French in 30 Days is designed to provide a sound basic knowledge of everyday language in a very short time. The package includes a 288 page illustrated course book and one 60 minute audio CD of the dialogs. Topics include: meeting and greeting people, shopping, eating out and getting around, taking care of your health and handling emergencies. The coursebook includes: thirty lessons consisting of a dialog or reading piece, grammar charts, writing exercises, vocabulary list, tips and trivia box, pronunciation guide, four tests and dictionary.