101 French Idioms with MP3 Disk


Jean-Marie Cassagne, Illustrated by Luc Nisset

Publisher:        McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN:                 9780071615617

Format:             Paperback + MP3 Disk

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With this book French idioms are no longer “un travail de Romain”*

If you’re inclined to “avoir le cafard” (have the cockroach) are you a successful exterminator or a gloomy Gus? If you happen to “fender la pêche” (to split your peach) are you laughing or making dessert?

101 French Idioms takes the mystery out of these common French expressions and explains their meanings with the aid of humorous illustrations. On the MP3 disk, native speakers read each of the 101 idioms and dialogues that place them in context, so you can hear how French sounds and practice what you have learned.

Find out what French speakers really mean when they say . . .

  • Être un bourreau des cœurs = to be an executor of hearts
  • Rôtir le balai = to roast the broom
  • Manger de la vache enragée = to eat meat from a rabid cow
  • Coincer la bulle= to get the bubble stuck
  • Être timbré = to be stamped

*a job for a Roman ( = a Herculean task)