At Work in Australia Book 2: Getting on with the job – Book

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Shirley Good

Published:  2006

Publisher:  AMES Victoria

ISBN:          9780730656555

Format:         Paperback

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This two part resource teaches job seeking and workplace communication skills to ESL learners.

DVD scenarios present key topics, which are further explored through activities and listening exercises in two books.

Book 1 Getting a job follows Sam a young school leaver, and Olga, a recent arrival in Australia in their search for work. It focuses on topics such as writing resumes, telephoning about jobs, cold canvassing, networking and interview skills.

Book 2 Getting on with the job sees Sam and Olga in their new jobs, and looks at the workplace communication skills, behaviour and personal attributes valued by employers in Australia. Topics include following workplace instructions, socialising at work, negotiation and teamwork.

“The learners really engage with the characters’ quest for work, and the resource prepares them well for the Australian workplace.” Lorraine Broadstock, teacher

Suitable for adult and secondary ESL learners Level: ISLPR 1+ and above, CSWE III

Writers: Maggie Power & Shirley Good