Sound English Level 2 Book 07 – The Welder Who Worried


Rosemary McKenry  ,   Bruce Mitchell

Published:         Dec 2010

Publisher:         Publishing & Data

ISBN:                 9781921539374

Format:             Paperback  

Dimensions:     12pp  h210mm  ill.

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Level 2 – Book 7

Sound English is a structured series of stories for people who are learning to read and spell in English. The series starts with the Preliminary books, which introduce essential sight words. From Level 1 onwards the text focuses on the phonemes (phonics) of Australian English. The Level 1 and Level 2 books have been structured to introduce the 44 phonemes (phonics) of Australian English.

Taken in numerical order, each book in Levels 1 and 2 introduces new phonemes, and reinforces both the phonemes and words used in earlier books (see table below). The text in Level 2 books is more complex than that used in Level 1.  All books have detailed illustrations in full colour to assist with comprehension of the text. Each book includes extensive teaching notes and ideas   to assist volunteer tutors.

The twenty books in Level 2 introduce the sounds (phonemes) and their spelling choices (graphemes) not covered in Level 1 (see below). Readers can continue to gain confidence by building upon words that were introduced in earlier stories.

Relevant topics The characters in Level 2 books include teenagers, families, workers and Indigenous people, along with refugees and other new arrivals to Australia. Topics include work-related issues including health and safety, and the need for training. Several stories focus on finding suitable accommodation. Others feature food, music, relationships and learning to drive. Humour, of course, is frequently present.

Book Title IPA Phoneme
1 Music festival y  as in you ng as in ring
2 A new future for Trudy and Luke oo  as in       boot
3 Agatha’s goat g  as in got
4 The passport p  as in pet
5 Thelma’s three husbands th  as in thin
6 Naughty! or  as in horse
7 The welder who worried w as in       wet
8 Chicken, chips or Chinese? sample ch  as in       chop
9 Do cats like       cowboy movies? ow  as in brown
10 Helen’s  shed h  as in heat
Book Title IPA Phoneme
11 Flat mates f  as in fit
12 Hurt at work ir  as in stir
13 Teenage mum and dad oy  as in boy
14 My mother the plumber m  as in mother
15 Nok says NO! n  as in neat
16 The new driver sample v as in van
17 A new career for Kia ear  as in dear
18 Outback track air  as in fair
19 Didgeridoo on tour our  as in tour j  as in jet
20 Refugee Revision