Spelling and Pronunciation for English Language Learners (SPELL)


Susan Boyer

Published:        Apr 2003

Publisher:        Boyer Educational Resources

ISBN:                9781877074042

Format:            Paperback  

Dimensions:    99pp  h297mm  x  w210mm  294g  illustrations

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This resource uses interesting and varied activities as a basis for the introduction, practice and revision of English spelling conventions.

The material is suitable for adolescent and adult learners of English from an intermediate level upwards and presents learning activities and exercises through a variety of interesting formats.

It is recommended for self-access study (as the answers to all exercises are included) or as supplementary material for classroom use. The material can also be used as a companion workbook to ‘Understanding English Pronunciation – an integrated practice course’.

Using this practice book you will:

  • See the patterns of English spelling.
  • See the link between English spelling and pronunciation.
  • Learn how to use your dictionary effectively.
  • Find the activities and exercises practical, informative and enjoyable.
  • Expand your vocabulary of frequently used English words
  • Learn the variation in British and American spelling where applicable.