Sound English: Preliminary Level Pack – 10 Books


Rosemary McKenry  ,   Bruce Mitchell

Published:         Dec 2009

Publisher:         Publishing & Data

ISBN:                 9781921539008

Format:             Pack – 10 Books



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Preliminary Level books have been designed to provide the student with basic sight vocabulary before using the phonic-based books in Level 1. The illustrations provide  opportunities for discussions and clarification of the ideas in the text. Each book has extensive teaching notes and ideas  written to assist volunteer tutors. These books are available individually or as a set (Preliminary Level).

It is also possible to mix Sound English Readers from different levels to make up a quantity of 10 or more and receive the discount price of $6.95 by contacting The Language People office directly.

Book Title
P1 Red light green light
P2 Weather
P3 On the roof
P4 Getting ready
P5 The garden
P6 Do you want to?
P7 Shopping bags
P8 Sandals
P9 Volunteers
P10 Sally is sick