Literacy Skills for ELT Improve Your Grammar Skills


Susan Baing

Published:        Aug 2011

Publisher:        Oxford University Press

ISBN:                9780195576634

Format:            Paperback

Dimensions:    192g

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This comprehensive language skills series is suitable for English learners in Australia and New Zealand. The series aims to provide students with practice in the basic skills of grammar, spelling, writing and study.

Improve your Grammar Skills

For the student:

Grammar is the way in which words change themselves and how they group together to make different kinds of sentences.

In the first part of the book you will learn about the parts of sentences. In the second part of the book you will learn different kinds of sentences.

For the teacher:

This book contains many rules for grammar, espcially for the writing of correct sentences.

Many of the rules are general and there are exceptions to them. However it is best that your students understand the general rules first, and then when they are confident they will find it easier to understand the exceptions to the rule.