The Coat – Teacher’s Guide / Workbook / CD – Photocopiable


Clare Harris

Published:         2013

Publisher:          The Book Next Door

ISBN:                  9781922191045

Format:              Mixed media product

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This version of The Coat includes:

  • 16 chapters of original fiction, set in Australia, each chapter ending in a narrative hook
  • questions for busy teachers to ask, with a focus on the life experience of adult learners
  • clear teacher / tutor suggestions, to assist new teachers or volunteers
  • four pages of simple “take-home” worksheets for every two chapters
  • answer pages
  • CD with slow-paced audio reading of the story.

Pre-intermediate level reader, set in Australia, for adult or young adult learners of English. Suitable for ongoing CSWE II level (or equivalent).

Photocopiable: The full text of the story and student worksheets are all 100% photocopiable for your learners. Make class copies, or use as take-home or extension activities. The CD may also be copied for your learners.

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