Carly And Kumar Easy-to-read short stories: Level 2


Karen Slikas Barber

Published:         2013

Publisher:         Read Me Again Press

ISBN:                 9780992288013

Format:             Paperback  

Dimensions:    60pp

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Carly And Kumar: Level 2 – Pre-Intermediate/Level 2

These short stories can be used to introduce an extensive reading approach to encourage reading for pleasure. An extensive reading approach could include the following:

  • 30 minutes/week sustained silent reading, each student reading at their own level, pace and a story/stories of their own choice
  • reading a story aloud to students
  • shadowed reading by teacher or higher level student with a lower level student
  • practising and performing plays within a class or for other classes
  • pair work/group/class discussion about the illustrations and questions
  • modelling how to read for meaning
  • rereading stories or reading the same story at a different level
  • outside of class reading