Collins Cobuild English Learner’s Dictionary with Arabic


Published:       May 2011

Publisher:       HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN:                9780007429226

Format:            Paperback  A-format paperback

Dimensions:    576pp  h178mm  x  w111mm  304g 

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Collins COBUILD English Learner’s Dictionary with Arabic is a brand-new, illustrated dictionary aimed at learners of English. This dictionary covers all the essential words and phrases that students need to learn. The definitions are written in full sentences, using simple language, and the dictionary contains thousands of examples of real English, showing the learner how English is really used. Additional help is provided by the thousands of Arabic translations. Every sense, phrase and phrasal verb has an Arabic translation, which acts as a stepping stone from the student’s first language to the wealth of information contained in the dictionary. With hundreds of line drawings illustrating key terms, the Collins COBUILD English Learner’s Dictionary with Arabic is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their English.