Oxford Student’s Mathematics Dictionary with Arabic Words


Edited by Frank Tapson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Published: Oct 2013

ISBN: 9780192737069

Paperback, 208 pages, colour illustrations, 174 mm x 234 mm

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The Oxford Student’s Mathematics Dictionary with Arabic Words supports the curriculum and gives comprehensive coverage of the key maths terminology that students in secondary school need for secondary level exams and beyond complete with their Arabic translations. The dictionary contains over 1000 mathematical concepts in alphabetical order, with related words listed under each headword. There are feature panels on key topics such as fractions, geometry, logic, probability, units of measurement, and trigonometry, all fully supported by 2-colour diagrams and illustrations. Clear, accessible definitions and cross referencing give full clarity to complex mathematical entries and headwords are indexed in both Arabic and English. It is the ideal companion to the Oxford Student’s Science Dictionary with Arabic Words.

Free downloadable learning resources, activities, puzzles, and much more are available for additional online support at www.oup.com/eme

Suitable for 14+ years, parents, teachers, and librarians.


  • Comprehensive mathematics dictionary for secondary level exams and beyond.
  • Authoritative Arabic translations of all headwords.
  • Key mathematical terms and concepts explained in detail and supported by diagrams.
  • Extra help with featured entries on key topics such as fractions, trigonometry, units of measurement, and conversion.
  • Ideal companion to the Oxford Student’s Science Dictionary.
  • Free online support with downloadable games, puzzles, and activities.