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  • 9780415453943

    Colloquial Russian 2: The Next Step in Language Learning


    Susan Kay ,  Svetlana Le Fleming

    Published:      Mar 2008

    Publisher:       Routledge

    ISBN:               9780415453943

    Format:           Mixed media product  

    Dimensions:  h241mm  x  w168mm  x s41mm  476g  Contains Undefined and Book

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  • 9781741046885



    Jim Jenkin

    Published:       Mar 2009

    Publisher:        Lonely Planet Publications

    ISBN:                9781741046885

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    256pp  h140mm  x  w92mm  x s13mm  127g  Illustrations maps

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  • 9782700504316

    Russian Phrasebook


    Elke Becker  ,   Madeleine Grieve

    Published:         Jan 2011

    Publisher:         Assimil

    ISBN:                 9782700504316

    Format:             Paperback  

    Dimensions:     208pp

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  • 9782700580266

    Russian: Super Pack


    Victoria Melnikova-Suchet

    Publisher:          Assimil

    ISBN:                 9782700580266

    Format:             Mixed media product  

    Dimensions:     Contains Paperback, 4 CD-Audio and 1 mp3 CD

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  • 9780563520276

    Talk Russian


    Georgina Martin ,  Svetlana Furlong

    Published:      Feb 2006

    Publisher:       BBC Active

    ISBN:               9780563520276

    Format:           Paperback 

    Dimensions:  128pp  h196mm  x  w124mm  x s12mm  100g

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  • 41PlwU1d-HL

    Talk Russian Book & CD Pack

    Georgina Martin, Svetlana Furlong
    Published:  February 2015

    Publisher:  BBC Active

    ISBN: 9781406680218

    Format:  Mixed Media

    Dimensions: 1 Book, 144 Pages; 2 Audio CDs, 120 Minutes

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  • jpeg

    Teach Me Everyday Russian Vol 1


    Written by Judy Mahoney, Illustrated by Patrick Girouard

    Publisher:  Teach Me Tapes

    ISBN:          9781599721064

    Format:      Hardcover (with CD)

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  • 9781444107654

    Teach Yourself Complete Russian


    Daphne M. West

    Published:      May 2010

    Publisher:       Teach Yourself Books

    ISBN:               9781444107654

    Format:           Mixed media product  

    Dimensions:  h55mm  x  w169mm  x s235mm  560g  Contains Paperback and CD-Audio (Performance – spoken word)

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Showing all 8 results