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  • 9780198614562

    Portuguese Oxford Mini Dictionary


    Published:       May 2006

    Publisher:        Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                9780198614562

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    672pp  h114mm  x  w78mm  x s35mm  182g  illustrations

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  • 9780887291104

    Portuguese Pocket Dictionary


    Publisher:        Langenscheidt

    ISBN:                9780887291104

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    h159mm  x  w114mm  x s25mm  414g

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  • 9780887291647

    Portuguese Universal Dictionary


    Publisher:        Langenscheidt

    ISBN:                9780887291647

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    h107mm  x  w75mm  x s17mm  100g

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  • 9781585735617

    Russian Langenscheidt Pocket Dictionary: Russian-English / English-Russian


    Published:       Dec 2006

    Publisher:        Langenscheidt

    ISBN:                9781585735617

    Format:            Paperback Plastic

    Dimensions:    500pp  h152mm  x  w102mm  x s26mm  304g

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  • 9781585735389

    Russian Langenscheidt Universal Dictionary


    Published:       Aug 2006

    Publisher:        Langenscheidt

    ISBN:                9781585735389

    Format:            Paperback Flexible PVC cover

    Dimensions:    500pp  h107mm  x  w75mm

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  • 9780198606994

    Russian Oxford Colour Dictionary


    Della Thompson

    Published:       Oct 2002

    Publisher:        Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                9780198606994

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    516pp  h149mm  x  w103mm  x s28mm  335g

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  • 9780199115242

    Spanish Oxford Primary Dictionary


    Michael Janes

    Published:         Oct 2007

    Publisher:         Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                 9780199115242

    Format:             Paperback  

    Dimensions:     448pp  h210mm  x  w148mm  x s23mm  515g

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  • 9789812467409

    Swedish-English Berlitz Bilingual Dictionary


    Published:       Apr 2005

    Publisher:        Berlitz Publishing

    ISBN:                9789812467409

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    336pp  h145mm  x  w105mm  x s17mm  160g  Illustrations

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  • 9781585735822

    Universal Dictionary Finnish Langenscheidt


    Published:     Feb 2008

    Publisher:      Langenscheidt

    ISBN:             9781585735822

    Format:          Paperback  

    Dimensions:  411pp  h128mm  x  w81mm  x s17mm  104g  Illustrations 

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  • 9781585735600

    Vietnamese Pocket Dictionary


    Published:         Dec 2006

    Publisher:         Langenscheidt

    ISBN:                 9781585735600

    Format:            Paperback / softback

    Dimensions:    672pp  h157mm  x  w103mm  x s27mm  322g  

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  • 9780340789230

    Welsh Dictionary


    Edwin Lewis

    Published:        Aug 2000

    Publisher:         Teach Yourself Books

    ISBN:                 9780340789230

    Format:             Paperback  

    Dimensions:     272pp  h128mm  x  w198mm

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Showing 73–83 of 83 results