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  • 9780199585892

    A Dictionary of Modern English Usage: The Classic First Edition



    Published:         Oct 2010

    Publisher:         Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                 9780199585892

    Format:             Paperback

    Dimensions:    832pp  h196mm  x  w129mm  x s37mm  564g

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  • 51JnqVvEVkL

    A Dictionary of Nursing


    Published:         Feb 2008

    Publisher:         Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                 9780199211777

    Format:             Paperback  

    Dimensions:     608pp  h196mm  x  w129mm  x s35mm  440g  line drawings

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  • 9780194300094

    Arabic Speakers of English: Oxford Wordpower Dictionary


    Published:       Jun 2008

    Publisher:       Oxford University Press

    ISBN:               9780194300094

    Format:            Mixed media product

    Dimensions:    h215mm  x  w140mm  x s37mm  902g  Contains Paperback and CD-ROM 

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  • 9781585730575

    Chinese Langenscheidt Pocket Dictionary


    Published:     Jan 1999

    Publisher:      Langenscheidt

    ISBN:             9781585730575

    Format:          Paperback  

    Dimensions:  504pp  h152mm  x  w102mm  x s26mm  318g

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  • 9780198607533

    Concise Medical Dictionary


    Published:         Jul 2003

    Publisher:         Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                 9780198607533

    Format:             Paperback  

    Dimensions:     768pp  h196mm  x  w129mm  x s38mm  520g  numerous line drawings

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  • 9780199296347

    Concise Oxford English Dictionary


    Published:         Jun 2006

    Publisher:         Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                 9780199296347

    Format:             Hardback

    Dimensions:    1728pp  h234mm  x  w156mm  x s62mm  1605g

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  • 9780007374724

    Easy Learning English Conversation: Book 1 + CD


    Published:         Apr 2011

    Publisher:         HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN:                 9780007374724

    Format:             Mixed media product  

    Dimensions:    256pp  h197mm  x  w130mm  x s20mm  210g  Contains Paperback and CD-Audio (Other audio)

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  • 9780007340644

    Easy Learning English Verbs


    Published:         May 2010

    Publisher:         HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN:                 9780007340644

    Format:             Paperback

    Dimensions:    B-format paperback  256pp  h197mm  x  w130mm  x s20mm  207g

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  • 9780007429226

    English Learner’s Dictionary with Arabic Collins Cobuild


    Published:       May 2011

    Publisher:       HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN:                9780007429226

    Format:            Paperback  A-format paperback

    Dimensions:    576pp  h178mm  x  w111mm  304g 

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  • 9780521152556

    English Pronouncing Dictionary with CD-ROM


    Daniel Jones

    Published:         October 2011

    Publisher:         Cambridge University Press

    ISBN:                 9780521152556

    Format:             Mixed media product  (Paperback and CD-ROM)

    Dimensions:    614pp

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  • 9780007414109

    English-Japanese Collins Pocket Dictionary


    Published:      Sep 2010

    Publisher:      HarperCollins Publishers

    ISBN:              9780007414109

    Format:          Paperback 

    Dimensions:  672pp  h151mm  x  w108mm  447g

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  • showimage

    Everyday Australian Picture Dictionary English


    Hazel Davidson, Dorothy Court, Greg Jackson & Michelle Draycott

    Publisher:         TAFE Queensland English Language & Literacy Services

    ISBN:                 9781875880874

    Format:             Paperback

    Dimensions:    153 pgs


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