Greek Phrasebook Teach Yourself


Niki Watts

Published:       Nov 2004

Publisher:        Teach Yourself Books

ISBN:                9780340858172

Format:            Paperback 

Dimensions:    192pp  h146mm  x  w103mm  x s9mm  125g

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Product Description

This is an essential accessory for travellers of all ages. The main section of the book consists of phrases and sentences organised in a way which will make it easy for you to select the items which will say what YOU want to say. The pronunciation guide at the start of the book will help you get the general rules and all the words in the book have an anglicised version to help you with the specifics. There are useful everyday phrases which you can use in a variety of situations, followed by sections which give you all the vocabulary you might need in particular circumstances, such as accommodation, eating and drinking and getting around. Throughout, there are useful tips for the traveller, to help you get the most out of your trip. Finally, there is an alphabetical dictionary, so you can look up words quickly, as and when the need arises.