Cantonese Chinese Phrase Book & CD


Published:       Sep 2008

Publisher:       Berlitz Publishing

ISBN:               9789812684783

Format:           Mixed media product      

Dimensions:   224pp  h132mm  x  w127mm  x s17mm  246g  col. Illustrations  Contains Paperback and CD-Audio (Other audio)

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Product Description

This brand new addition to the Phrase Book and CD range enables you to see, hear and practice all in one place!  The phrase book features over 8,000 everyday phrases, whilst the accompanying audio CD contains more than 3,000 key travel survival words.  Full-colour photographs help to visually explain the currency, cash machines, motoring signs and much more.  This pack is also extremely lightweight, portable and compatible with PC, iPod and MP3 devices, so it can be used at home or on the move.