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  • 9783468981371

    Pocket Dictionary Korean


    P. Terrell

    Published:      Oct 2011

    Publisher:      Langenscheidt

    ISBN:              9783468981371

    Format:          Paperback  Plastic  

    Dimensions:  672pp  h155mm  x  w95mm  x s28mm  326g

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  • 9780887291074

    Pocket Dictionary Latin


    S A Handford , Mary Herberg

    Published:      Aug 2005

    Publisher:      Langenscheidt

    ISBN:              9780887291074

    Format:          Paperback 

    Dimensions:  479pp  h155mm  x  w100mm  x s25mm  304g

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  • 9781585734153

    Pocket Dictionary Polish


    Published:      Aug 2005

    Publisher:      Langenscheidt

    ISBN:              9781585734153

    Format:          Paperback  Plastic  

    Dimensions:  679pp  h156mm  x  w100mm  x s30mm  332g

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  • 9780887291104

    Pocket Dictionary Portuguese


    Publisher:        Langenscheidt

    ISBN:                9780887291104

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    h159mm  x  w114mm  x s25mm  414g

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  • 9781585735617

    Pocket Dictionary Russian


    Published:       Dec 2006

    Publisher:        Langenscheidt

    ISBN:                9781585735617

    Format:            Paperback Plastic

    Dimensions:    500pp  h152mm  x  w102mm  x s26mm  304g

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  • 9781585735600

    Pocket Dictionary Vietnamese


    Published:         Dec 2006

    Publisher:         Langenscheidt

    ISBN:                 9781585735600

    Format:            Paperback / softback

    Dimensions:    672pp  h157mm  x  w103mm  x s27mm  322g  

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  • 9780199532865

    Pocket Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus


    Published:         May 2008

    Publisher:         Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                 9780199532865

    Format:             Hardback

    Dimensions:    864pp  h186mm  x  w118mm  x s49mm  779g

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  • 9780199214914

    Pocket Oxford-PWN Polish Dictionary


    Published:     Feb 2007

    Publisher:      Oxford University Press

    ISBN:              9780199214914

    Format:          Paperback   

    Dimensions:  1008pp  h195mm  x  w128mm  x s47mm  678g

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  • 9781741041415

    Polish Phrasebook


    Piotr Czajkowski

    Published:      Mar 2007

    Publisher:      Lonely Planet Publications

    ISBN:              9781741041415

    Format:          Paperback 

    Dimensions:  256pp  h140mm  x  w92mm  x s12mm  123g  col. Illustrations

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  • 9782831562438

    Portuguese Phrase Book & Dictionary


    Published:       Feb 1998

    Publisher:        Berlitz Publishing

    ISBN:                9782831562438

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    224pp  h144mm  x  w104mm  x s12mm  120g  maps

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  • 9781740592130

    Portuguese Phrasebook


    Robert Landon

    Published:       Mar 2006

    Publisher:        Lonely Planet Publications

    ISBN:                9781740592130

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    256pp  h140mm  x  w92mm  x s12mm  123g  Illustrations (some col.), col. maps

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  • 9781877052040

    Prace Pageturners Series 1 (Set of 7 books)


    Chris Malakar

    Published:        Oct 2009

    Publisher:        Australia Preston Resevoir Adult Community Education

    ISBN:                PSERIES1SET

    Format:            Paperback | 12-16 pages

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Showing 1285–1296 of 1917 results