Talk Arabic Book & CD Pack


Jonathan Featherstone

Published:  Feb 2015

Publisher:  BBC Active

ISBN:  9781406680164

Format:  Mixed Media

Dimensions:  1 Book, 152 Pages; 2 Audio CDs, 120 Minutes

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Product Description

Talk Arabic has already inspired thousands of people to learn Arabic from scratch and find the confidence to give it a go.
Whether you’re learning for business, travel or just for fun, its straightforward, step-by-step approach will ensure you’re soon able to speak Arabic in a range of everyday situations.
With its specially designed activities and clear, jargon-free grammar explanations you’ll quickly develop your language skills and make genuine progress right from the start.

  • Make real progress using the successful, proven Talk method.
  • Develop your language skills with tips and strategies to help you learn.
  • Practise and learn with interactive activities to support every topic.


Talk Arabic focusses on the Arabic of the Levant, spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine and widely understood elsewhere.