Genki 1 Textbook + CD


Eri Banno, Yoko Ikeda, Yutaka Ohno, Chikako Shinagawa, Kyoko Tokashiki

Publisher:         Japan Times

ISBN:                 9784789014403

Format:             Paperback + MP3 CD

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Product Description

This is the Revised Second Edition of Genki Volume 1 Textbook. The first level covers lessons 1-12.

GENKI is a highly acclaimed series of integrated resources for learning elementary Japanese through a well-balanced approach to all four language skill areas—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Divided into two volumes, the 23 lessons of GENKI introduce students to a wide range of elementary grammar points, nearly 300 kanji, and approximately 1,100 vocabulary terms.


Changes from the original version include:

1. Addition of Culture Note sidebars. – Every lesson of the revised edition includes a “Culture Note” sidebar that provides students with information on Japanese culture
2. MP3 audio material bundled with textbooks / workbooks. The audio material for GENKI, which was previously sold separately in 6-CD sets, has been compiled into MP3 files stored on a single CD that is bundled with each textbook volume, enabling all GENKI users to access the full range of audio resources. Moreover, much of the audio material has been re-recorded, with the dialogues now spoken at a speed closer to that of natural conversation. The textbook CD retains the Dialogue, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Practice audio material of the old CD set, while adding recordings of the readings for every lesson of the Reading and Writing section. The workbooks also now come with a CD containing recordings of the Listening Comprehension exercises, making it easier for users to practice their skills.
3. Revamping of vocabulary and expressions. – GENKI has been thoroughly reviewed to eliminate outdated vocabulary and expressions, and replace them with alternatives that are frequently used in today’s Japan. This includes the dialogues, which now incorporate more contemporary expressions.
4. Revision of Grammar/Practice sections and readings The grammar points covered by each lesson remain the same, but their explanations have been revised and augmented to facilitate better understanding. Also, the negative patterns ~kuarimasen (adjectives),~ ja arimasen (nominal sentences), and ~ nakuchaikemasen have, based on a review of linguistic data, been changed to forms more widely used in everyday situations: ~kunaidesu, ~ janaidesu, and ~nakyaikemasen. In order to enable sufficient practice of grammar items, the Practice section has been beefed up with more communicative exercises, including conversational tasks. Furthermore, outdated material in the readings of the Reading and Writing section has been replaced with content more relevant to modern Japan.