Adventure with Nicholas: French – The Five Crayons


Published:         Jul 2006

Publisher:         Berlitz Publishing Company

ISBN:                 9789812468284

Format:             Mixed media product  

Dimensions:    CD-Audio  (Audiobook)  64pp  h253mm  x  w178mm  x s9mm  318g  illustrations  60mins

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Product Description

“The Five Crayons” provides children with a story-based introduction to learning a foreign language. Nicholas knows how to make his brother John feel better. He draws a red fire truck, a green parrot and a yellow lion. What will Nicholas and John do when the pictures come to life? Follow the story in English and French for children aged 4 years and above. Sing along with entertaining and memorable songs. The accompanying 60 minute audio CD allows kids and parents to listen along as native speakers read the story with wonderful sound effects and the picture dictionary and word list reinforce vocabulary and help increase retention.