Coco & the Gold Flute 200 Kanji Card Kit with Kanji Vocabulary


Hiroshi Watanabe

Publisher: KanjiDojo

ISBN: 9780975025635 ,  9780975025642


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Product Description

Kanji vocabulary cards

A note from the publisher:

These kanji materials which were produced for the students in Victoria (VCE), will be converted for the high school students in Queensland, and also for the high school students in NSW, though they can be used Victorian version in Queensland and NSW, if you are aware of some kanji which are not in the curriculum. 

About the author:

Hiroshi Watanabe, former associate professor of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (taught Japanese language to overseas students from basic to advanced level intensively, 1991-2000), has experience of teaching at some other Japanese institutes in Japan (1979-84, 1987-91) and in Melbourne (2001-2012), La Trove University (from basic to advanced), Swinburne University (from basic to advanced), Monash University (from basic to advanced), Central Queensland University Melbourne Campus (basic only). He was sent to Dalian Institute of Foreign Languages (China, 1984) and Chian Mai University (Thailand, 1984-86) by Japan Foundation as a Japanese language specialist.