Mastering Arabic 2 with 2 Audio CDs


Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar

Publisher:  Hippocrene Books

ISBN:          9780781812542

Format:      Mixed Media

Pages:         300

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Product Description

Mastering Arabic 2 is a modern, engaging intermediate Arabic course offering lively dialogues, varied texts and exercises, and cultural insights. The course builds upon lessons from the best-selling Mastering Arabic 1, but is suitable for any learner with some prior knowledge of Arabic.


  • Modern Standard Arabic, the universal language of the Arab world
  • Fourteen carefully-paced lessons with cartoon illustrations, exercises, conversation sections
  • Based on a tested methodology proven to work for self-study or classroom use
  • Focuses on the geography, culture, and dialects of major Arab countries
  • Two audio CDs feature correct pronunciation by native speakers and help learners start speaking Arabic right away.


About the author(s)

Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar are experienced writers, publishers, and educators specializing in accessible language guides and learning materials. They have authored numerous titles including the Arabic Dictionary & PhrasebookMastering Arabic 1, and the HippArabic iPhone app, all published by Hippocrene Books. They reside in the U.K.