An A-Z of ELT


Scott Thornbury

Published:         May 2006

Publisher:         Macmillan Education

ISBN:                 9781405070638

Format:             Paperback 

Dimensions:     264pp  h246mm  x  w189mm  black and white

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Product Description

An A-Z of ELT is a fully cross-referenced, alphabetical guide to ELT that defines and explains essential language concepts and terminology from fields including grammar, linguistics, discourse analysis, phonology, etc. It describes language teaching techniques and theories and summarises the major issues and debates associated with each concept. The entries are clear, concise and readable, accessible to users with little or no specialist knowledge. A practical, informative guide indispensable to teachers and teacher trainers of all levels of experience. Entries provide summaries of the major issues in ELT as well as their practical implications. New teachers can check the meanings of new terms whilst experienced teachers will gain a more wide-ranging understanding of topics of interest.