Be Understood!: A Pronunciation Resource for Every Classroom


Christina Maurer Smolder

Published:         May 2012

Publisher:         Cambridge University Press

ISBN:                 9780521138833

Format:             Mixed media product  

Dimensions:    112pp  h297mm  x  w210mm  x s10mm  410g  Illustrations  Contains Paperback and Mixed media product  77mins

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Product Description

Be Understood! Book with CD-ROM and Audio CD Pack: A Pronunciation Resource for Every Classroom

A photocopiable resource of pronunciation materials accompanied by Audio and a CD-ROM.  This bank of pronunciation material provides fun, motivating practice in sounds, syllables and words, and phrases and sentences. Informed by English Profile, it is suitable for a range of levels from Elementary to Upper-intermediate+, with a focus on intelligibility rather than mastery of a model accent. Each of the 34 units consists of step-by-step teaching notes and photocopiable classroom material, providing teachers with instant lessons. Teachers can also use the Audio CD to expose students to unscripted audio material with a range of different accents, and the CD-ROM’s bank of customisable material can be used to create perfect lessons.