Understanding Spoken English Book 1: Student Book


Susan Boyer

Published:        Dec 2001

Publisher:        Boyer Educational Resources

ISBN:                9781877074080

Format:            Paperback  

Dimensions:    132pp  h300mm  x  w210mm  372g  86 illustrations   

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Product Description

The ‘Understanding Spoken English – a focus on everyday language in context’ series is an excellent English learning resource designed to help students of English understand spoken language as it is encountered in everyday business and social situations in English speaking environments around the world. In addition to helping students to discover the meaning of many widely used everyday expressions, this English learning resource provides valuable information about the social and business conventions of spoken English such as, changing the topic of conversation, agreeing and disagreeing politely, checking meaning, giving feedback and making ‘small talk’. Features of English pronunciation are also examined within the context of complete conversations.

The accompanying audio recordings present speakers with a variety of English accents from around the world, including North America, Australia and South Africa, as well a variety of British English accents. Information about the notable differences in pronunciation between different varieties of spoken English is provided.

This English learning resource material is recommended for individual study (as answers to all exercises are included), or as a supplementary class text to provide valuable listening practice and analysis of English as it is spoken around the world.  The material will also assist students with learning English grammar.

Using this English learning resource students will:

  • Discover the meaning of many everyday expressions that are widely used around the world in business and social situations, as well as the media.
  • Gain valuable information about the conventions of spoken English in business and social situations.
  • Learn strategies for improving listening skills and overcoming pronunciation problems.
  • Feel increasing confidence as communication skills improve.
  • Be assisted in learning English grammar through practical situations