Basic Reading Power 1 Student Book


Linda Jeffries & Beatrice S Mikulecky

Publisher: Pearson Longman

Published: Aug 2009

ISBN: 9780138143893

Paperback, 224 pgs

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Product Description

3rd Edition

Its unique structure, featuring four parts to be used concurrently, allows beginning-level students (with a 300-word vocabulary) to develop the multiple sills and strategies involved in the reading process.


  • Extensive Reading helps students to build reading fluency, broaden knowledge of vocabulary and collocation, and gain confidence.
  • Vocabulary Building offers strategies for independent vocabulary learning such as dictionary work, guessing meaning from context, and learning how words work in sentences.
  • Comprehension Skills teaches reading skills such as recognizing words and phrases, scanning for information, and making inferences.
  • Thinking Skills provides practice in recognizing sentence structure and following the logic of ideas.