My neighbourhood: literacy in context


Jan Hagston

Publisher: Multifangled

Published: 2012

ISBN: 9780987328403

Spiral-bound, 126 pages

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Product Description

My neighbourhood contains activities designed to support students to develop literacy skills in context. Some activities take just a few minutes while others extend over a number of sessions. Each activity contains information for the teacher alongside activity sheets and/or handouts for the students. In addition there are a number of skill sheets to support students in completing the activities. The activities also encourage the use of technology and have been designed to support teachers who aren’t ‘tech savvy’ but are interested in starting to explore the digital world. Those teachers who are comfortable with using a range of ‘e-things’ will be able to further develop the ideas in the activities and, of course, those students who are ‘digital natives’ will have lots of opportunities to apply and extend their skills and ability.