Grammar 2 Games and Activities


Deirdre Howard-Williams

Published:        Jun 2001

Publisher:        Pearson Education Limited

ISBN:                9780582465640

Format:            Spiral bound | 144 pages

Dimensions     212 x 296 x 10mm | 421.85g

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Product Description

Grammar Games and Activities 2 is another engaging addition to the Penguin English Photocopiables series, containing 60 photocopiable activities all designed around student motivation and maximising teacher time. The activities are suitable as stand-alone exercises or alongside any course book to provide extra consolidation and revision of the most common grammar points.Students will get engaging grammar practice through the range of contexts and scenarios. They ll also enjoy the wide range of activities including information gap, jigsaw reading, surveys, bingo, questionnaires, find the difference, and much more.As a busy teacher, you ll find the full set of teachers notes with step-by-step instructions, follow-up suggestions and full answer keys invaluable. The activities are organised by type and level for ease of reference, and the content pages show you at a glance all you need to know about the activity focus, aim, time and preparation required.