English Spelling Volume 1: Sounds of the Alphabet & Short Vowels


Hazel Davidson ,   Dorothy Court

Published:         Feb 2011

Publisher:          Sugar-bag on Damper

ISBN:                 9780975759394

Format:             Spiral bound 

Dimensions:     150pp

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Product Description

English Spelling Vol.1, Second Edition is a response to requests by teachers for a paper-based update of English Spelling Vol.1 CD. Like the first computer version, the Second Edition covers the sounds of the alphabet and short vowels. It also contains teacher’s notes, photocopiable hand cards, wall charts, exercises on each of the short vowels with suggested answers. It is suitable for use with adult, adolescents or primary learners and is recommended for CSWE Preliminary and Level 1 adult ESL students, as well as Adult Literacy students and other native speakers of all ages experiencing difficulties with English spelling.