Creative Writing Teach Yourself


Published:         Jan 2003

Publisher:         Teach Yourself Books

ISBN:                 9780340850398

Format:             Paperback  B-format paperback 

Dimensions:    192pp  h196mm  x  w127mm  x s17mm  273g

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Product Description

“Teach Yourself Creative Writing” opens a window wide onto an exciting creative landscape – your own imagination. It covers a variety of different areas, using exercises to help the reader explore and develop their own ideas. This book makes the subject easy and therefore accessible to all. A great deal has happened in the creative writing world over the last five years and this new edition includes new chapters on ‘Writing from Experience’, ‘Magazine Short Stories’, ‘Creative Writing Competitions’, Research and the Internet’ and ‘The Writer and Technology’. It also restructures existing material to make it easier for the reader to navigate around the book: starting with short experimental forms of writing to get the reader started, moving on to bigger projects and further to specific writing techniques.