Cousins: Koala and Wombat: Audio CD


Hazel Davidson

Published:        2014

Publisher:        Sugarbag

ISBN:                9780987273758 + 9780987273734

Format:            CD

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Product Description

Pre-history, similarities and differences between koalas & wombats, some modern environmental problems. Reading material for beginner students at 3 levels, gradually increasing in linguistic difficulty and in content. The texts are written for newly-arrived adult immigrants, but are also suitable for Australian-born children and for adolescents and adults struggling with print literacy.

“Cousins: Koala & Wombat is not just another small book about Australia’s cute, cuddly marsupials. It gives information at three levels of content and linguistic difficulty about the evolutionary history, the similarities and differences between the two modern animals and a few of the environmental problems they face.

There is also a CD containing three texts read slowly and clearly by Lyndal Reid. As usual the CD also contains a Kolas & Wombat song, written and arranged by Lyndal Reid, performed by George Buwali, Lyndal Reid & Dorothy Court.