Side by Side 2 Activity Workbook


Bill Bliss  ,  Steven J. Molinsky

Published:         Feb 2001

Publisher:         Pearson Education

ISBN:                 9780130267504

Format:             Paperback  

Dimensions:    142pp  h276mm  x  w211mm  x s1mm  302g  illustrations

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Product Description

The Side by Side Activity Workbooks offer a variety of exercises for reinforcement, fully coordinated with the student texts. A special feature of the Activity Workbooks is the inclusion of GrammarRaps for practice with rhythm, stress, and intonation and GrammarSongs from the Side by Side TV videos. Periodic check-up tests are also included in the workbooks. Side by Side Plus is a standards-based and grammar-based English language program for adult and young-adult learners, The program builds students, general language proficiency and prepares them for their life-skill roles in the community, family, school, and at work.