New Inside Out: Beginner : Teacher Book – Beginner – With Test CD


Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones

Published:        Mar 2007

Publisher:        Macmillan Education

ISBN:                9780230020931

Format:            Mixed media product | 193 pages

Dimensions:    210 x 296 x 17mm | 652g

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Product Description

New Inside Out – Teacher Book – Beginner – With Test CD – CEF A1

A Classroom-tested English course for adults and young adults, “Inside Out” has been designed to develop real-life communicative skills and power of self-expression. Written by teachers for teachers, “Inside Out” provides a thoroughly enjoyable and lively course for adults and young adults built around structured work on grammar and lexis, planned speaking tasks and engaging writing and listening texts. The Teacher’s Book contains an accessible and detailed guide to ensure full exploitation of the course, zero unit of photocopiable worksheets, one-page-at-a-glance lesson summary with detailed notes including a language analysis and help in setting up activities, tapescripts and answer keys within the teacher’s notes for each lesson and suggestions for alternative procedures to cover different teaching situations.

New Inside Out takes all the best elements of the original Inside Outseries – including the emphasis on personalisation and meaning – and adds a host of brand-new features. The authors have gone back to the classroom to write this new edition, working with teachers and students to find out exactly what works in the real world. The result is one of the most relevant and exciting general English courses available.Key features:

  • A new, fully updated version of our classic general English course
  • Every Student’s Book comes with a multimedia CD-ROM with interactive practise and extension activities
  • New ‘Useful phrases’ and ‘Vocabulary Extra’ sections, and much more!

What’s new?

  • New topics engage students and bring the books up to date
  • Expanded grammar sections offer comprehensive coverage of key language points, whilst the new ‘Grammar Extra’ sections recycle and review this language
  • ‘Useful Phrases’ and ‘Vocabulary Extra’ sections provide real-world language

Includes a substantial focus on grammar in every unit. Grammar is introduced in realistic contexts and student are given opportunities to manipulate the new language. Additional support is provided in the margin with the grammar notes. Further practise and explanation are given in the Grammar Extra sections found at the back of the Student’s Book.

The new student’s CD-ROM provides a range of interactive practise activities with particular emphasis on listening practise. It is suitable for use as a self-study tool at home or in the classroom. Also included on the CD-ROM are short film clips that illustrate the ‘Useful Phrases’ introduced in the Student’s Book

Vocabulary Extra
The ‘Vocabulary Extra’ pages at the end of every unit recycle the key vocabulary taught in the unit

Useful Phrases
This is a new section which gives students a portable toolkit of functional language. These sections are fun and engaging, and provide students with the language they need outside the classroom.