Caring for Children: Effective Communication for CALD Workers in Child Care : Trainer Guide


Maggie Power

Published:         Dec 2009

Publisher:         AMES Victoria (Adult Multicultural Education Services)

ISBN:                 9780730656982

Format:             Paperback 

Dimensions:    181pp

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Product Description

Caring for Children is a DVD resource developed to address the workplace communication needs and cross cultural issues faced by CALD workers in the child care industry.

We follow a CALD worker, Lul Deng, in the early days of her employment in a child care centre and see a range of interactions with staff and children. These interactions highlight models of good practice in the workplace and demonstrate a range of employability skills.

The accompanying Trainer Guide presents activities based on the DVD scenarios, and includes topics such as:

  •  talking to children, colleagues and parents
  • contributing to a team
  • working with diverse cultural practices
  • recognising and following workplace instructions
  • showing independence and initiative
  • reading child care documents.