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    10 Radical Ideas for Reluctant Writers


    Author: Lee Kindler

    Publisher: Multifangled

    Published: 2015

    ISBN: 9780987328410

    Format: Paperback, 30 pages

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    100 First Spanish Words Sticker Book


    Mairi Mackinnon  —  Illustrated by Francesca Di Chiara

    Publisher: Usborne Publishing, Limited

    Published: April 2013

    ISBN: 9781409557289

    Format: Paperback, 24 pages

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  • 9789812465283

    1000 Spanish Words Berlitz Kids


    Published:       Mar 2005

    Publisher:       Berlitz Publishing

    ISBN:               9789812465283

    Format:           Paperback  

    Dimensions:   64pp  h287mm  x  w223mm  x s5mm  286g  Illustrations

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  • temp_23008

    101 French Idioms with MP3 Disk


    Jean-Marie Cassagne, Illustrated by Luc Nisset

    Publisher:        McGraw-Hill Education

    ISBN:                 9780071615617

    Format:             Paperback + MP3 Disk

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  • 9781444115949

    50 Ways to Improve Your Spanish: Teach Yourself


    Keith Chambers

    Published:         Apr 2010

    Publisher:         Teach Yourself Books

    ISBN:                 9781444115949

    Format:             Paperback  

    Dimensions:     160pp  h11mm  x  w130mm  x s197mm  140g  Illustrations

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  • 9781405099073

    500 Activities for the Primary Classroom


    Carol Read

    Published:         Apr 2007

    Publisher:         Macmillan Education

    ISBN:                 9781405099073

    Format:             Paperback 

    Dimensions:     320pp  Illustrations

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  • 9780131500457

    A Conversation Book: Bk. 1: English in Everyday Life


    Tina Kasloff Carver ,  Sandra Douglas Fotinos-Riggs

    Published:         Apr 2006

    Publisher:         Pearson Education (US)

    ISBN:                 9780131500457

    Format:             Paperback

    Dimensions:    183pp  h272mm  x  w212mm  x s7mm  382g  col. Illustrations, col. maps

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  • 9780199585892

    A Dictionary of Modern English Usage: The Classic First Edition



    Published:         Oct 2010

    Publisher:         Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                 9780199585892

    Format:             Paperback

    Dimensions:    832pp  h196mm  x  w129mm  x s37mm  564g

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  • 51JnqVvEVkL

    A Dictionary of Nursing


    Published:         Feb 2008

    Publisher:         Oxford University Press

    ISBN:                 9780199211777

    Format:             Paperback  

    Dimensions:     608pp  h196mm  x  w129mm  x s35mm  440g  line drawings

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  • 9780975066836

    A Very Big Country


    Hazel Davidson ,   Dorothy Court

    Published:        Jan 2005

    Publisher:        Sugar-bag on Damper

    ISBN:                 9780975066836

    Format:            Paperback  

    Dimensions:    69pp  h210mm  b&w illus

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  • 9780975066867

    A Very Big Country Sound Recording of the reading texts


    Hazel Davidson ,   Lyndal Reid ,  Dorothy Court

    Publisher:        Sugar-bag on Damper

    ISBN:                 9780975066867

    Format:            CD

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  • 9780975066843

    A Very Big Country: Workbook


    Hazel Davidson ,   Dorothy Court

    Published:         Dec 2004

    Publisher:          Sugar-bag on Damper

    ISBN:                 9780975066843

    Format:             Spiral bound 

    Dimensions:     76pp

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